About the Institute

The Institute of Architecture and Design is cross-disciplinary and three of our graduate programmes admit both students of architecture and design. Our graduates possess strong competences within design processes and strategies.

They understand how to apply their skills in both traditional and untraditional contexts - in interdisciplinary, national and international collaborations. They have insight into the needs of society and are specialists in solutions to local and global challenges that invite and inspire the user.

We embrace a large field at the product and architectural scale, covering architecture, strategic design & entrepreneurship, interior/spatial design, product design (furniture, textile, fashion), and crafts (glass, ceramics). What unites the fields is a strong sense of materiality, tactility and spatial relations as well as a focus on the user, the human body and the context we relate to. Furthermore, we focus on new technologies and the use of both analogue and digital tools.

We constantly seek to strengthen our ties to the world outside the school, because our goal is not only to provide high quality education but also to contribute to society through research and innovative solutions to real life challenges. Since 2016 we have been working with the UN goals for sustainable development, and we are dedicated to making change.

At the drawing board, in the workshop, and in project teaching, students meet teachers, researchers, international guest lecturers, mentors and inspiring practitioners. Our teachers are dedicated to educating future generations of designers and architects, and besides teaching, many run their own practices.


"In the workshops we get an exceptional understanding of the materials, their qualities and limitations, and we bring this knowledge back to the drawing board. This enables us to switch between different methods in the design process".