About the Institute

The Institute of Architecture and Technology offers three graduate programmes and one undergraduate programme, together with cross-curricular elements within the School of Architecture and KADK, including KADK’s PhD school. 

The vision of the Institute
Architecture and technology are interdependent. Unfortunately, the subjects are often dealt with independently. Therefore, the goal of the Institute of Architecture and Technology is to promote research and teaching, which support the connection. In critical dialogue with the technological and academic disciplines, and in close cooperation with practice, the Department wishes to promote architecture, which is contextually robust, rich in spatial experiences and intellectually daring.

To this end, the Institute will focus on three complementary areas of study:

  • First, through research and artistic design, we will study the tectonic implications of industrialised building processes in an urban context
  • Secondly, we will investigate the potential of digital technology in relation to architectural design
  • Finally, we will tackle current major challenges such as sustainability, urbanisation etc. 

On this basis, the Institute of Architecture and Technology wishes to be a leading national and international setting for critical understanding and skills development in the area between architecture and technology.