Research and artistic development

In research terms, the vision of the Institute is to support, promote and attract research into the area between architecture and technology.

In this context, the Institute already has major expertise in the area of sustainable building and its industrialised processes under the aegis of the CINARK research centre. Research into digital technology and its relationship to architecture are the work of CITA, which already has a reputation for “Computation Technologies.” The Institute is committed to supporting CINARK and CITA as key global voices within their fields of research.

The Institute’s objective is to conduct research into these and other fields, which challenge the current relationship between architecture and technology. With an interdisciplinary approach, we will provide access to, and develop a large network field as a foundation for research: from sturdiness in the context of threatened environments to new materials. We will conduct research into subjects, which enrich our built environments with a new artistic language inspired by the potential of technology and science, and a high level of sustainable “performance.”