International guest professors

Kinetic membranes workshop with Str.ucture
Materials as probes workshop with Billie Faircloth
Dissipative architectures workshop with Philip Beesley
Thin-shell masonry vaults workshop with Mark West
Paths to production workshop with Mark Burry

State-of-the-art expertise from academia and practice

International guest professorships are an essential pedagogical tool, providing the opportunity to share, learn and expand perspectives from leading academics and practitioners beyond the boundary of CITA.

Guest professors engage directly in studio-based teaching through intensive workshops, lectures and review. Guest professorships are generally tied to on-going research projects conducted in CITA. This establishes teaching relevance, high ambition in learning outcomes, access to cutting-edge methods, allows students to participate and contribute to on-going research projects and provides direct insight into research ‘as-conducted’.

Beyond the learning outcomes, tangible outputs for students resulting from guest professorships have included participation in national and international exhibitions (e.g Design Hub, RMIT, Australia) and published co-authored peer-reviewed papers in leading conferences (e.g ACADIA).


International guest professors

Visiting Professors, ZHA-code, London


Visiting Professors, Str.ucture, Stuttgart


Velux visiting Professor, Kieran Timberlake, Philadelphia

Billie Faircloth

Visiting Professor, PBA/University of Toronto

Philip Beesley

Velux visiting Professor, Founding Director of CAST, University of Manitoba

Mark West

Velux visiting Professor, UdK Berlin

Christoph Gengnagel

2011 - 2012
Velux visiting Professor, Autodesk Research

Azam Khan

Velux visiting Professor, Head of SIAL, RMIT, Melbourne

Mark Burry

Velux visiting Professor, MIT, Department of Architecture 

Mark Goulthorpe

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