Master's Admission Process

Schedule for admission 2019

15 January
Online application system opens

31 January
KADK Open House event

1 March
Application deadline. Application system closes at 11:59 p.m.

1 May
All applicants will have received the result of the assessment

1 August
Deadline for documentation of undergraduate graduation


Questions on eligibility and admission

Please note that KADK is not able to offer an actual pre-assessment of your educational background and whether you would qualify for a Master's at KADK. We ask you to apply for admission by 1 March in order to get a proper assessment for admission.
More information is available in our section on admission requirements.

Before considering getting in touch with KADK we ask you to carefully read through our programme and admission websites.

Enquiries regarding programme content

Please direct further enquiries regarding programme content to the Head of Programme on the MA in question. Please refer to the complete list of Master's programmes and look for staff and contact information on each of the programme websites:

Enquiries regarding application procedures

Please make sure to carefully read all the information on our admission website. Should you have further concerns or questions then please contact MA Admission at

Transfer and Re-Admission

Only relevant for students from Aarhus School of Architecture, Design School Kolding, or KADK.

For transfer or re-admission, students apply in the samme way as with regular admission through the online application system. The application deadline is 1 March. Upon admission KADK will assess which of your previous exams can be transferred into your new Master's.


Students from Aarhus School of Architecture, Design School Kolding, and KADKs School of Architecture can apply for a transfer to KADKs School of Design. Only students from Aarhus School of Architecture can apply for a transfer to KADKs School of Architecture.

Transfer requires that KADK has available study places on the programme. Since the number of places on our programmes are very limited, KADK is only able to accept few transfer students.


If you wish to apply for an MA that you have previously been enrolled to at KADK, then you'll be applying for re-admission through the regular admission process. Please remember to include previous KADK transcripts and work in your application. As with transfer students, re-admission requires available places on the programme.

If you have been involuntarily de-registered from KADK, you cannot apply for re-admission or regular admission.

Applicants who have a Danish Master's at the time of study start

Limitation on multiple degrees

Pursuent Danish higher education legislation, applicants that have already completed one Master’s degree in Denmark cannot be considered for a second Master’s programme in Denmark.

Apply for exemption

You can apply for exemption for multiple degrees in the following cases:

  • Due to health issues which prevent you from using your degree on the labour market.
  • If you completed your Master’s degree more than 6 years ago with effect from 1 September 2019.
  • If the content of your previous completed Master’s degree has changed significantly or is no longer offered at Danish higher education institutions.

You apply for exemption for multiple degrees (with relevant documentation) when applying for admission to a Master’s on 1 March

Applying with a BA from KADK

KADK students: Information in Danish on how to register for your Master's

Applying with a BA from other institution

External students: Information on how to apply for a Master's