Moving to Denmark

Once you have been offered a study place, you will need to consider the practical implications of moving to Denmark. We have covered some of the most important issues that you’ll need consider: accommodation, residence permits and visas, health insurance, as well as obtaining a social security number.

We would also recommend reading the Danish Government’s website Study in Denmark that contains more useful information and tips for students moving to Denmark.

Work and living costs

The programmes at KADK are full-time programmes; however, many students have student jobs to support themselves financially. Non-EU students are allowed to work 20 hours a week and must pay particular attention to this rule in order not to have their residence permit revoked.

KADK does not offer or facilitate student jobs. You can find more information about the Danish job market on the Danish Government´s Study in Denmark  

Read about living costs and how to open a bank account on the Study in Denmark website