An Alternative Water Source for Tanzania


Project by Emre Üngör, a student at the programme Architecture and Extreme Environments, Institute of Architecture and Technology.

Due to a lack of clean water resources, 23 million people in Tanzania do not have access to safe water. People collect rainwater in rainy seasons but in the dry season, drought occurs with increasing frequency. However, the humidity is high all year long and my project speculates whether this can be used as an alternative water supply. The project aims to condensate humid air by radiative cooling on different surfaces with various patterns and to test the efficiency. 

According to a United Nations estimate, 70% of Dar Es Salaam’s population reside in informal settlements. The poorer residents crowd into downtown areas or large slums, many without running water or basic services. 

The aim of the project is to explore alternative, sustainable ways to generate water for the settlements that do not have access to water infrastructure.