Architecture Between Conflicts – How to Cherish a White Elephant?


Project by architect Katharina Manecke, candidate from Political Architecture, Critical Sustainability - Institute of Architecture and Culture. 

In the desert of Turkana an abandoned fish freezing plant has been crumbling since the day it opened. This project addresses tribal conflict in the region through the renovation of the fish freezing plant and series of pavilions which explore innovative construc­tion techniques. 

The development strategy addresses all the locals that are affected by clashes over limited resources and additional challenges caused by climate change, oil discovery and the construction of a hydropower dam. 

The concept constructs not only a physical but also a social infrastructure. Participation is seen as a basis to create a communal project that is occupied, supported and maintained by the community. Awareness of cultural identity is a fundamental basis for dignity and prosperity, and hence brokering peace. Peace building is only possible, when it joins cultural approaches of all tribes around the lake.