Blue Note - School Furniture for Maputo


Project by Louise Bundgaard Kemp, Laura Lange and Maria Bærtelsen , students at 'Furniture and Object', Institute of Architecture and Design. 

‘Blue Note’ is a set of school furniture developed for schools in Maputo, Mozam­bique, Africa. A desk and seat set focused on spatial optimisation and classroom flexibility. This desk and seat set represents an innova­tive reworking of existing school furniture design and function, as well as infusing it with aesthetic innovation.

In addition, the design adds functional diversity to the teaching method and creates new learning possibilities because desk and seat are separate and can easily be rearranged, thus enabling different arrangements in the space. 

Blue Note

The production process and choice of materials are adapted to local conditions in Maputo. Thus, the project connects Danish design to the potential for local manufacture of quality low-cost school furniture and local job creation in the slums of Maputo, Mozam­bique. As these areas are hard hit by unem­ployment, local production was given high priority.