Codesign-students collaborate with the UN in Kosovo

Cooperation and business

Three students from Center for Codesign are currently collaborating with young people and students from the University of Pristina. Their project prototypes the appliance of codesign methodologies (collaborative design research activities) within the UN in Kosovo.  

Cocreating with the youth of Kosovo
By invitation of the UNDP (the United Nations Development Programme) Center for Codesign researches how the methodologies of codesign can be applied in future development work. It is the third time codesign-students visit Pristina.

This spring the theme has been “Youth Engagement”, and the three students from Center for Codesign have undertaken a project they call “Codesigning with youth in Pristina”. By using the design method called cocreation they have developed number of events, films and everyday stories that may help connecting the personal life of the youths with the abstract and general societal challenges of the region, marked by the previous war.