Democratising Wi-Fi


Project by Aleksander Guldager Kongshaug - student from the programme Architecture and Extreme Environments.

The “Spatial Wi-Fi” project investigates how we can hack and democratise Wi-Fi in Tanzania. 

Tanzanians are becoming increasingly reliant on Wi-Fi and for many it has replaced TV, radio, newspapers and, unfortunately, many social interactions as well. Wi-Fi has become an infrastructural necessity along the lines of water, electricity and sewage. 

Wi-Fi is something we relate to as distant antennas, satellite dishes and routers. Spatial Wi-Fi interprets what Wi-Fi could look like and a spatial idea of how people could relate to a visible Wi-Fi. The main task is to visualise an invisible dimension that surrounds us all the time. 


The prototype is built up of two main parts: the ‘hacker’ who catches a Wi-Fi signal and makes it available in his/her vicinity and the balloon which creates a spatial manifestation.