From 26 April 2018 you can see the exhibition 'Commune - Considering Havana' in KADK Library

From 26 April to 30 May 2018 KADK Library exhibits COMMUNE - CONSIDERING HAVANA made by students from the KADK MA-programme Political Architecture Critical Sustainability.

The exhibitors write:

" The students at PA:CS have investigated the forces and mechanisms at play in Cuba - one of the last bastions of revolutionary communism. The country, suspended between the past and present faces an uncertain future.

Based on fieldwork conducted in the fall of 2017, we attempt to critically engage with the Cuban context. Our work is developed in two tracks, on the one hand as theoretical research through writing and on the other as propositional investigation through design. By exhibiting these collective investigations, PA:CS studio is suggesting a speculative vision in commune with Cuban society."

Welcome to exhibition opening Thursday 26 April 2018,
from 16.00 - 19.30.
Free drinks sponsered by Havana Club.