Goodbye Head of School – and Welcome to a New Professor

KADK Insight

Peter Thule Kristensen is taking up a position as Professor in the Institute of Architecture and Technology, and so leaving his position as Head of the School of Architecture.

“Peter has accomplished so much as Head of School and has played a leading role in the development of KADK in recent years. He is a major professional asset for KADK, so I am delighted that he is now taking on a professorship in the Institute of Architecture and Technology, where he will help tackle the important task of developing and strengthening KADK’s major joint institute,” says Lene Dammand Lund, Rector.

As Head of School, Peter Thule Kristensen has been in charge of the Architecture programme for the past five years. Now, as a Professor, he will return to research and teaching. From now on, he will be in charge of the Spatial Design programme at the Institute of Architecture and Design.

Peter Thule Kristensen tiltræder som professor på Institut for Bygningskunst og Design

The Attraction of Research and Teaching

The post coincides with a major potential research grant from the Danish National Research Foundation related to the theme of ‘Privacy’ in a historical context. The historical dimension of the theme will be a good match for the anthropological approach that is already a feature of the programme.

“I really enjoyed my job as Head of the School of Architecture. We implemented new curricula and a new academic structure with institutes and programmes, which I believe have improved the quality of the teaching in the School and brought research and education closer together. So my transition to a professorship is not a question of opting out of the position of Head of School, but opting to do something different. I am excited about returning to research and to teaching both Architecture and Design students, and I believe this mixture will lead to some unique opportunities,” says Peter Thule Kristensen.

Peter Thule Kristensen will take up his new position as Professor after the summer holidays. The position of Head of the School of Architecture has been advertised. The deadline for applications is 31 August.

KADK seeks a Head of the School of Architecture.