Research Project Wins Book Prize in Frankfurt

Research and Innovation

Associate Professor Deane Alan Simpson from KADK is the 2015 winner of the acclaimed International DAM Architectural Book Award for his book Young-Old: Urban Utopias of an Aging Society.

 Deane Alan Simpson received great recognition at the seventh Frankfurt Book Fair and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) where he was awarded the prize for the best architecture book. In the words of the jury, his book served “... to feed the reader with informative graphics and analyses using axonometric projection. While being a serious academic work, Simpson also succeeds in spicing up the book with humour.”

The book is based on his ‘Young-Old’ research project, which examines architectural and urban changes resulting from current demographic development. This development primarily stems from an aging population, which in the book is identified as the active older generation: the Young-Old. In several countries, the so-called ‘retirement society’ created for this section of the population is growing in size.

Simpson illustrates and examines this unusual urban development: from the world’s largest retirement community in Florida and a Dutch-inspired retirement community in Japan to a retirement mecca consisting of American motorhomes.