Idea-Sharer - from child to child


One of the highlights of the Circular Economy in Architecture and Design exhibition is the project, ‘Idea-Sharer’. It is the work of Tilia Hasselager, a student on the Industrial Design programme. Tilia has devised a concept, in which children aged 7-13 work actively on recycling resources - and share their creative ideas across schools and national borders.

The project is about providing children aged 7-13 with knowledge of sustainability and a basic understanding of resources in the form of everyday products. How can you use and recycle resources in a sustainable way?

The project is driven by the children’s own ideas, imagination and curiosity. They come up with creative solutions related to the topic of ‘Sustainability’ and, by examining and testing various materials, gain an understanding of the properties and potential of the materials.

The creative circuit - from child to child

All the creative ideas will be compiled in small books, which will be shared amongst the children – across schools and national borders – so the children both send and receive the projects.

The creative ideas are gathered in a book that is shared across schools and borders
The children explore the recycling of materials

The Idea-Sharer can be incorporated into multidisciplinary education in schools and could encompass Physics, Mathematics and Language, alongside practical knowledge of the environment, materials and production.