KADK Library, Holmen will be closed June 20 – August 28 2016

KADK Library, Holmen will be closed June 20 – August 28 2016.

The KADK Library at Holmen will be renovated during summer. Restoration of the roof and isolation of the building will be in progress the next couple of months.

Therefore, the library is closed from June 20 until August 28 2016. During this period, you cannot borrow or return materials from the library.
Please note that the letter box for returning books is blocked during the closing period.


The deadline for returning library books or other materials before the summer holiday is June 17 2016

All material lend out before June 20 2016 will be given a return deadline on September 1 2016.

Even though you cannot access the library building during the building period, you still have access to our digital services. Check our website: www.kadk.dk/en/library.

During the closing period, we will be answering emails, as far as possible. Contact us at: bibliotek@kadk.dk.

Welcome back at the KADK Library, Holmen Monday August 29 2016.