KU YAKA - local production of bar furniture


Project by Danielle Aline Glob Johansson, Rasmus Palmgren and Sarah Cramer Israelsen, students at 'Furniture and Object', Institute of Architecture and Design. 

“KU YAKA – ku va xikan’we” means building together.

“KU YAKA” is a range of bar furniture developed with a focus on building up local production and creating jobs in Maxaquene. The line of furniture is a cooperative effort between joineries in Maxaquene (where the furniture is manufactured) and the centre of Maputo (where the furniture is marketed and sold to cafés, bars, etc.).

Development with local carpenters
Carpenter Pilo with first chair

We have focused on low-tech joinery work and manufacturing efficiency, which laid the groundwork for simple, easy to follow assembly in the design.

This project is based on already existing facilities and skill-sets. It can be started up as it is now on a small scale, and it can be built up around a further exchange of skill-sets. Over time, it can improve production efficiency at small joinery workshops.

KU YAKA collection