Learning by Going – the Anatomy and Fabrication of Architecture


Project by Nini Leimand & students: E. Konickx, L. Arnfred, J. Mikkelsen, A. Højlund Olsen, J. Bay Johansen, J. Sarantaris, M. Malling, G. Arrland, I. Draiby, et al. from the programme Architecture’s Anatomy and Fabrication, Institute of Architecture and Technology.

The project presents selected architectural students’ fieldwork in Rabat, Morocco, in 2016. The filing cabinets holds sketches, collages, maps, survey drawings and final-semester projects, produced in the field and in the drawing hall. The exhibition also displays the publication “Learning by Going”, which describes the fieldwork background. Each year, AAF convenes 140 students from all three class years in a foreign city to acquire in-depth knowledge about and understanding of the world around us, locally and internationally. 

With an awareness of social and architectural sustainability, we find solutions to and perspectives for how it is possible to construct buildings in Rabat. By personally experiencing, surveying and drawing a foreign place, we become more acutely aware of themes such as climate change, architecture and social patterns.