Modular Sanitation Facility


Project by Andreas Skovgaard, Dahlia Dudas, Marta Stancic and Nathja Widal Nielsen , students at 'Furniture and Object', Institute of Architecture and Design. 

The project’s basic purpose is to cope with the enormous health-related problems arising in and around existing sanitary conditions in Maputo’s slums. The spread of disease and infection can be a serious obstacle to societal development, as the populace must struggle to lead lives far below the poverty line under what could rightfully be called inhuman conditions in terms of health. 

Overfilled latrines are a common problem in Maputo

Using Maputo’s slums as a case study, we designed a modular sanitation facility that deals with some of these health-related problems and which can therefore be instrumental in laying a sturdier foundation for societal development.  

From a design and use perspective, the project is essentially about coping with the challenge of overfilled latrines and creating a design that decisively improves the current user experience, by incorporating the possibilities of easy, thorough cleaning. 

Sanitation facility house under construction