New research: Design from a seagull's perspective

Research and Innovation

What can seagulls teach us about dsigning? Or what can things, in themselves, teach us? A PhD project from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design proposes a new way of thinking about design, in which the user is not in the centre.

In her PhD project, 'Design Events – On explorations of a non-anthropocentric framework in design', the designer, Li Jönsson suggests that designers should think differently. Instead of putting the user first, as is the case in "user-driven design", or focusing on the design object, which is the traditional approach to design, she proposes an approach to design processes, which, instead of placing the user in the centre, focuses on the common and changing world, wich animals, people and things represent.

Li Jönsson says: "In times, when human activity threatens biodiversity and causes climate change, it is important to view the production of design objects from a perspective other than that of the human being alone. I want to find better ways to promote exchanges between the transformations that occur, for example, between people and animals and between people and objects. But how? This is a question I am attempting to answer, but also a practice I attempt to exemplify in my thesis."