“The future is NØW!” KADK presents the latest Danish design talent at Tent London

Education and students

TENT LONDON is one of London Design Festival’s largest design trade shows. The festival is known particularly for presenting the best new brands. This year students from KADK are exhibiting their work under the title of NØW! Furniture, fashion, computer games, prosthetics for children and co-design. 24 – 27 September 2015. Official Opening: 24 September.

At "NØW!" visitors can see 27 selected projects created by students and recent graduates of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), School of Design. Many of the projects are already in production and some have won awards. "NØW!" presents a range of cutting-edge trends created by a select team of the Design School’s students and recent graduates.

Fashion, computer games, children’s prostheses and co-design

The exhibition presents award-winning game design, prosthetics for children and a wheelchair that can be mounted on skis, designed for the Danish Sitski Olympic athlete, Ulrik Nyvold. The exhibition features flexible LED lighting, Nordic production design, new banknotes and campaigns educating people how to react to drone attacks. Fashion which is already on the international market, industrial design for the prevention of water wastage and co-design that creates citizen involvement in disadvantaged social environments, can also be seen. 

“We are experiencing enormous international interest. The exhibition was a major attraction in Milan and now we hope to kindle the same interest in London. Danish export is in a very healthy state. We are noticing great interest in what Danish artistic education has to offer. What better way, than to present the work of our students and recent graduates?

All their work is of the highest quality at the practical, artistic and scientific levels. Our students create more than simply immediate solutions. Their solutions relate to users, to the environment, to resources and to the future. We have a unique 260-year history of creating design. Our presentation at TENT London is all about what is going on here and now in our educational programmes, amongst our recent graduates, in our collaborative projects with industry and on the drawing boards of our students.”

- Lene Dammand Lund, Rector KADK

“NØW!” was also shown at the 2015 Salone Mobile, Milano.

Press Contact

Tine Kjølsen, Head of School, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, tkj@kadk.dk, +45 4170 1505 / Susanne Jøker Johnsen, London on-site press: sjj@kadk.dk, +45 4170 1980

Time and venue

“NØW!” will be presented at the Old Truman Brewery
Stand J02 in Hall T5, 2nd Floor, Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR.
24 – 27 September 2015.


KADK – School of Design: Catalogue of the work:

KADK – School of Design: Catalogue of the work


Lærke Bagger

Miranda Tengs Brun

Lotte C Hansen & Zina L Bosse

Oda Blommes & Anette A Bull

Ellinor Ericsson

Adam Hermansen & Morten Husum Nielsen & Aske Foersom

Benjamin Isak Schlifer Monrad

Tilde bay Kristoffersen

Mathilde Krab Nymann

Marie Brandt Overbye

Tobias Birk Nielsen

Fanni Baudo & Liv Maria Henning

Rie Maktabi & Toke Frello & Rasmus Michalis

Inesa Malafej

Petra Dalström

Katrine Lønstad

Christoffer Kronholm & Christopher Pilgrim

Johanna Gieseler

Thomas Funder Nielsen

Tea Palmelund

Morten Steinbach

Linda Poulsen

Sarah Gad Wøldike Sørensen

Anne Oddershede

Emil Juul Clevin

Michael Bech Hussein