One Community’s Small Building Blocks – HIV Centre for Children in Zimbabwe


Project by Anna Rakel Almås. Anne is a graduate from the programme Cultural Heritage, Transformation and Restauration, Institute of Architecture and Culture.

In continuation of current efforts by relief organisations to fight HIV and AIDS, I have developed a sustainable design for a health and community centre in Zimbabwe, the purpose of which is to help raise awareness of HIV, reduce the number of new infections and minimise stigmatising those who live with the disease. 

I have focused on giving the HIV centre the status of more than just a “hospital”, making it more like a community centre where the entire local community can gather for various social events. The centre should also house and care for children and young people orphaned by HIV and AIDS. 


Constructing buildings for small local communities in Africa requires the designer to address several potential challenges that change the architectural framework. Political, social, cultural, climate-related and financial concerns helped determine the building’s shape, function and style.