Para Bacia


Project by Rikke Palmerston Christensen, Frida S.H. Ibsen and Tale Berger Træland, students at 'Furniture and Object', Institute of Architecture and Design. 

'We were tasked with designing a new version of a washing tub made of concrete that could be used together with the plastic tubs used for washing clothes, cooking and storing water in Maputo. Our goal was to design a product that is lighter, more durable and more hygienic and which makes it easier to trans­port and reuse water in various parts of the home.

Our product made it easier for the user to recycle water and, in so doing, make good use of resources. We also ensured that our design provided an ergonomic working position for washing clothes and cooking. We also made it possible for workshops in Maputo to provide their customers with a more durable and reasonable product. 

Sketching first prototypes in Mozambique

We were concerned with ensuring that the product can be made locally using the tools and materials already available to tradesmen and builders. Our primary focus during the project was to make the product practical and achievable for the people of Maputo.'

Visualization of the wash station