Purifying Flood Basins – Rapid Schistosomiasis Prevention


Project by Louis-Christophe Bigras, student at the programme Architecture and Extreme Environments, Institute of Architecture and Technology 

Schistosomiasis are microscopic worms that are contracted when the skin comes in contact with the waterborne cercariae. 

The contraction of Schistosomiasis is rapidly growing on the urban eastern coast of Tanzania, and along with it the subsequent diseases it causes. The people most likely to be infected are those living in poor conditions with little or no access to clean water. 

The architectural prototype introduced in this project aims to allow local urban communities to interact with infested water daily for activities such as washing clothes and dishes. 

The prototype was designed to investigate the possibilities of an interactive pumping station in urban settings. It was also designed to help assess the performance of homemade activated carbon from coconut waste to provide an alternative, low-cost solution to purifying polluted water.