ReciPlyDome – build it, take it apart and re-build it



One of the highlights of the Circular Economy in Architecture and Design exhibition is the project, ‘ReciPlyDome’ – a simple, sustainable dome construction that is inexpensive, strong and easy to assemble. That makes it a great idea for a temporary shelter: for example, for refugees or people in areas affected by natural disaster. The project is the result of collaboration between Olga Popovic Larsen (Professor in the Institute of Architecture and Technology), Niels De Temmerman, Lars De Laet and Stijn Brancart (VUB - Belgium), Mikkel A. Andersen, Niklas Munk-Andersen and Christian Jespersen (DTU).  


Modeller af ReciPlyDome i forskellige versioner

Throughout the world, the construction sector contributes massively to the production of global waste, given that large quantities of construction materials end up as simple waste, without being recycled.

The ReciPlyDome dome construction is an inexpensive, innovative and sustainable proposal for how materials in the construction sector can be re-used flexibly and efficiently.

The actual skeletal construction consists of 45 identical plywood elements. The elements are simple to produce and easy to assemble and take apart when no longer needed. The parts needed for a ReciPlyDome are 5 metres in diameter and take only 2-3 hours to assemble – even for someone who has no experience of building construction.

When the prefabricated parts are put together, they form a really strong structure, which can be used for many different, temporary purposes. For example, the structure can be used to temporarily house refugees in need. Users can assemble the elements by themselves, and the elements can be used many times, which ultimately saves resources and benefits the environment. 

We are continuing to develop ReciPlyDome and are currently working on different types of cladding for the dome – also conceived as a kit that is easy to transport and easy to assemble.


The 45 prefabricated elements in plywood do not fill much.
The elements are easy to assemble - with simple tools.
The construction is stable and strong - seen here at a previous occasion.
The finished skeleton construction.

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