Room for Growth


Project by Karsten Langholz Kristensen from the programme Cultural Heritage, Transformation and Restauration, Institute of Architecture and Culture. 

The project, which is an open office building, is based on the rapid urbanisation throughout Africa and seeks to lay a sustainable foundation on which to develop the region’s potential, but which at the same time is resilient to the structural challenges that confront cities if these trends continue. 

The building creates an autonomous framework where young entrepreneurs share spaces and facilities, thereby gaining access to an infrastructure and network that create more realistic opportunities to put their ideas into action. With a small total contribution, an investor can better provide financial support across a wide spectrum of potential. 

The office building manifests types of sustainability – financial, tectonic, social and organic – which are often overlooked in urban contexts. Accordingly, the project aims to create a cheaper way to build , which takes account of local building materials and the crafts, trades and industry already existing in the area.