Watch the live stream from the sold-out conference on design anthropology

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Today is the opening of the conference Design Anthropological Futures at KADK. In the course of two days, conference participants will explore the growing new research area of design anthropology. Watch the keynote speakers and discussions on live stream and send your contributions to #designanthroresearch.

Watch sessions from Design Anthropological Futures

Follow the sold-out conference

More than 100 participants are attending the conference on the future of design anthropology and it is sold-out. But you will be able to watch it, when the conference is streamed live at these times over the following days:

Thursday 13 August 2015
09.15-10.00: Opening Keynote: Alison Clarke. 
10.30-12.00: Discussion I. Intro: Ramia Mazé. Moderators Ton Otto & Rachel Smith
15.30-17.00: Discussion II. Intro: Carl DiSalvo. Moderators: Joachim Halse & Rachel Smith.

Friday 14 August 2015
09.00-10.30: Discussion III. Intro: Adam Drazin, Moderators: Kasper Tang Vangkilde & Mette Kjærsgaard.
14.00-15.30: Discussion IV. Intro: Elisa Giaccardi, Moderators: Thomas Binder & Mette Kjærsgaard.
16.00-16.45: Closing Keynote: George Marcus

New field of interdisciplinary research
Design anthropology is a new field of interdisciplinary research that has grown steadily in recent years. Today, the boundaries between the physical, social and digital environments have become more fluid. Therefore, it makes sense for established disciplines in the fields of social sciences and design research to work together. The conference will help explore design anthropology as a holistic and critical approach to everyday phenomena.

The research network will aim to strengthen relations in the field
Researchers from KADK, the University of Aarhus and the University of Southern Denmark have joined forces to form the Research Network of Design Anthropology. The network has been given a two-year grant from the Free Research Council, and will, for example, organise conferences, with a view to strengthening the networks international relations.

“This two-year grant has enabled us to establish a strong network of researchers from Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Aberdeen, Berkeley, Sønderborg, Aarhus and Stockholm, to name just a few. Soon a book will come out, published by Bloomsbury Press, based on the first three seminars. And there will certainly be a basis for new research collaboration in the wake of the conference.”
Joachim Halse
Associate professor, KADK