Six KADK graduates are Danish Design Award finalists

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Six young design graduates from KADK have gone on to the final of this year’s Danish Design Awards. What the six finalists have in common is a feel for the sensuous and aesthetic aspects of healthcare sector design.

Six KADK design graduates – Sofie Holm Larsen, Emilie Wiehe Dissing and the ‘Chemo To Go’ team, Rie Maktabi, Isabel Aagård, Xenia Geller and Melania Povlitzki – are all in the running for a Danish Design Award in the prestigious Young Talent category.

The six KADK design graduates have more in common than just their design education at the School on Holmen. Sofie Holm Larsen, Emilie Wiehe Dissing and the ‘Chemo To Go’ team have all created designs that, in various ways, address and tackle issues in the healthcare sector.

Emilie Wiehe Dissing has created a collection, which consists of three customised products for people with dementia. Sofie Holm Larsen has produced a short animated film that presents instructions for CPR. Meanwhile, Rie Maktabi, Isabel Aagård, Xenia Geller and Melania Povlitzki have designed a bag that enables cancer patients to move about during their chemo treatment.­­




Still-billede fra Sofie Holm Larsens poetiske instruktionsvideo
Chemo to go, please!
FAVN - en tyngdeplaid - og U(RO) - en mobile til demente

KADK leads the way

The Design School at KADK has always been at the forefront when it comes to turning out budding talent in the fields of fashion and furniture design. But these three prestigious places in the finals underline the fact that the School’s graduates also possess the expertise when it comes to creating impressive design solutions for the public sector – including the healthcare sector.

“It is certainly interesting that all three nominees have created designs that tackle social and healthcare-related challenges. All three show convincingly how design can contribute not only functional and practical, but also sensuous and aesthetic solutions for healthcare-related and social issues. That is something, of which we are extremely proud,” says Mathilde Aggebo, Head of the School of Design.

The Danish Design Awards ceremony takes place on 31 May at the Svane Shipping Hall in Kolding. A total of four new talents or talented teams have made it through to the finals of the Young Talent category –  three of which are from KADK.