Students exhibit at London Design Festival

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Students from KADK show prototypes inspired by Mogensen and Wegner in the DANISH MADE exhibition at TENT at London Design Festival.

Danish Made
The renowned Danish designers Børge Mogensen and Hans J. Wegner would have turned 100 years old in 2014. Both were masters in interpreting traditional furniture designs and influences, adding a uniquely Danish touch to their own furniture through the modest use of materials imbued with an artistic sensibility. This approach became the defining characteristic of Danish furniture designers of their generation.

The question remains for us: can this approach to design be used today? How can young architects and designers be inspired by tradition and yet still create experimental furniture that is both recognisable and at the same time challenges our understanding of form, function and material? These are just some of the questions the exhibited projects try to address in different ways.

Three Danish design and architecture schools have worked with this theme in different ways. The results of their work have been combined in this exhibition.

Under the theme „Morphology“ KADK is celebrating this year’s 100th anniversary of the Danish designers Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen.
Inspired by the works of Mogensen and Wegner, students from the School of Architecture and School of Design, were teamed up and asked to combine the traditional stick-chair with upholstery in order to „morph“ the stick-chair into a contemporary expression.

"The exhibition offers us an ideal opportunity to show the international design world that in Copenhagen and Denmark, we have built a strong research and education environment within the field of furniture design and architecture, where knowledge, talent and business join forces to meet the challenges of the future.”
Mathilde Aggebo
Head of Institute
Morphology - Sketch - KADK at Milan Furniture Fair 2014 from KADK on Vimeo.

„Morphology“ is created in collaboration with Kvadrat and the Innonet Lifestyle - Interior & Clothing and was first shown at at Milan Furniture Fair 2014.

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Student's project-website:

Above: "Morphology - Sketch - KADK at Milan Furniture Fair 2014" video.