Wallpaper Graduate Directory presents graduates from KADK

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Wallpaper Magazine picks out two newly graduated architects from KADK - The School of Architecture to represent Denmark in the Wallpaper Graduate Directory 2015. 

 “From tackling glacial melting in the Swiss Alps to improving the quality of life in Brazil's favelas, the next generation of architects and engineers are setting themselves an ambitious agenda. We pinpoint a top crop of nascent stars who are up to the job” - Wallpaper

And the graduates are: 

Lea Olsson

– Her final project looks at hospital design – the creation of a health cluster – in London. Winner of the International Velux Award for Students of Architecture. Lea now works at Danish firm Tegnestuen Vandkunsten.

Jonas Lambert Johansen

– His thesis work, The Contemporary Landscape, proposes a new hiking route through Zealand combining man-made and natural landscapes. Now Jonas works for the landscape architects SLA in Copenhagen.

Jonas Lambert Johanson
Jonas Lambert Johanson
Jonas Lambert Johanson