About CDD

The CDD research program departs from the notion that the Danish design heritage is considerably more complex than previously assumed, and that current perceptions of Danish design is a result of distinctive historiographic and brand-marketing oriented constructions. 

Current strategies for revitalizing Danish design in a late modern context have so far pointed in quite different directions. The CDD research program aims to map, describe and analyze these strategic directions in order to arrive at new understandings for how these strategies interrelate, conflict with each other, and possibly represent opportunities for integration.  

Against this backdrop, the research project aims to examine and discuss both historically conditioned conceptions and more recent developments in the understanding of Danish design as a means for accommodating Denmark’s current and future societal needs for innovative solutions across the private and public sectors.

The cluster draws from design (management) history, design historiography, cultural studies into design, and generative co-design approaches as the dominant perspectives informing the theoretical framework for both analyzing Danish design historically and contemporary as well as for developing a generative platform for advancing the concept through investigations of future scenarios.

CDD was launched in May 2018.