The PhD School

The PhD programme is organised by KADK’s PhD School. The PhD School is led by the Director of the PhD School (appointed by the Rector), who is responsible for the programme, assisted by a PhD Committee (set up by the Rector), on which academic staff (lecturers / professors / senior researchers) and PhD students are equally represented.

The remit of the PhD School is to create an environment for research, characterised by quality and high international standards, and to ensure that KADK’s PhD education is in a state of constant development in collaboration with the worlds of national and international research and with the private and public commercial sectors.

Most of the education is conducted in the form of active research activity under supervision, supported by thematic courses.

The structure of the PhD School at KADK

Research programmes

The PhD School offers PhD education in the following three research programmes:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Conservation