Research and collaboration

The Master programme introduces the students to the process of Research-by-Design.

This methodology also allows for new areas of study to emerge, where interdisciplinary platforms are ground for new solutions, collaborations, and architectural and component design innovation. Gearing students towards a world of practice, these competences give a robust experience and a wide range of design tools and methods, where young architects learn not only to design, but also to innovate.

The program collaborates internationally with a wide range of facilities and institutions. A global knowledge network becomes available to the programme, which in turn is appropriated by the architectural design process. In particular, with Danish Technical University in Lygnby,  UCL, London, this programs draws from designers, educators and theoreticians to inform our students throughout the year.

Furthermore, thanks to the strong resources of the Institute, from CINARK to CITA, experts in technological specific fields like digital manufacturing, tectonics and circular material and component life cycles become available to the programme.