Job and Employment

As a graduate from the Architecture and Extreme Environments Master programme, students will be qualified and skilled to pursue a career within architecture in both Denmark and abroad. Students will be equipped to work in both fields of practice and academia; in private offices as well as in research and educational institutions. 

In addition to a basic set of knowledge, skills and competencies graduates bring into the profession specialized know-how in recording and analysing scientific data, in using academic and scientific research methodology, in designing with digital environmental simulation tools as well as developing architectural projects that respond to extreme environments at scales from building design to component. 

Throughout the two years of study in the Master programme, students continuously reach out and establish relationships with a broad field of related disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing, environmental research and practices worldwide, creating a large network of potential collaborators. It is our ambition that graduates from Architecture and Extreme Environments are prepared to not only work within established practices, but to also discover the wide spectrum of employment possibilities and venture into cross-disciplinary and innovative collaborations. 

After graduation, students can also apply to become a PhD student at KADK. The PhD programme at KADK's PhD School is a research programme that qualifies PhD students at an international level. Students can enrol as either a research fellow or an Industrial PhD student. An Industrial PhD student is employed in the private sector company and is also enrolled at KADK.