Bachelor’s Programme

Architecture and Design - Whole and Part

Short about the programme

In 'Whole and Part' we educate critically dedicated, independent-thinking undergraduates, who will help create a high level of architectural quality in society, and who are well prepared for a job in the profession. In terms of scale, we work on a building as a focal point and on the thorough preparation, detailing and project design of a building’s architecture (surfaces, materials and structures) as a particular area of responsibility.

We aim at developing the intersection between architecture and design and, through the process of practice, provide an introduction to the fields of furniture design, spatial design and lighting design.

The programme educates students for practical, structural aspects of architecture in courses, which range from experimental work on compositional and material aspects to project-based work directly geared at professional practice. In other words, 'Whole and Part' incorporates work on the artistic, abstract dimension of architecture and the actual presentation of a proposal.