About the programme

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Bornholm (KADK Bornholm) is one of Europe’s leading educational institutions within the field of glass and ceramics.

We strive to create a dynamic and internationally oriented programme of high quality for education as well as academic and artistic research. 

Our programme is rooted in the strong tradition of Danish craftsmanship. On that basis we address the new ways people choose to live and reside; we look at social and cultural contexts and consider the present-day framework for launching new business ideas and business models.

Structure and content

Working with glass and ceramics is innately related to the way human beings organise their lives and surround themselves with material objects. The materials clay and glass are historically associated with functional artefacts. We shape the material and bring art into daily life, both as articles for everyday use and artistic objects. 

At KADK Bornholm, you are given a unique framework for your specialisation within the fields of glass or ceramics. The workshops are the focal point for developing your craft skills combined with your artistic intention. As a student, you have free access to the school’s workshops around the clock, which provides ample opportunity to immerse yourself in your craft. The learning environment is international with students coming from all over the world to study. 

The programme is defined through a variety of teaching methods, all of which are aimed at developing the student’s independent, artistic and business profile. 

Each training module of the program has an independent element which is awarded a certain number of ECTS points once the student has passed an examination. The teaching methods may include the following:

• Student team work in groups
• Workshop demos
• Technical and skill-related courses
• Individual supervision
• Lecture/introduction from instructors or guest lecturers
• Project-oriented presentations

Key disciplines

The programme is built around four key disciplines: 

1. Problem and concept development, material understanding and the design and development of skills in the artistic handling of the materials glass and ceramics. 

2. Professional insight, including knowledge about branding, dissemination, workshop operation, business development, business management and entrepreneurship. 

3. Historical and theoretical understanding of the cultural and social context of craft, as well as academic skills, focusing on theory. 

4. Understanding of general design methodology and skills in design process, focusing on method and professional life. In addition, there is a significant orientation towards professional life in the form of two internship periods during the 4th and the 7th semester of the programme. These internships offer the student a unique opportunity to learn more about their chosen profession and about business practices. 

Throughout the programme, you are continuously working on the development of your own specialisation and interest in the materials with the goal of creating a personal position within the profession.



Interview with student Armel
Interview with student Anna
Interview with student Abigail
Inside the workshop

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