Research and Collaboration

The Visual Game and Media programme is tied to the visual media research group at KADK, working with both games, film, production design, and motion graphics.

Eric Zimmerman workshop
Mary Flanagan lecture
Mikkel Pedersen on Deep Rock Galactic
Robert Yang lecture
Trine Laier on Cosmic Top Secret

KADK works closely with (and is situated next to) the National Film School of Denmark, and with the professional TV and Film community in Denmark. 

We have frequent lectures by industry luminaries. We have recently had talks by designers such as Richard Lemarchand, Mary Flanagan, Nathalie Pozzi, Eric Zimmerman, Robert Yang, Henrike Lode, Alfred Nguyen (Forgotten Anne), Trine Laier (Cosmic Top Secret), Mikkel Pedersen (Deep Rock Galactic), and Petter Henriksen (Landfall Games). 

The 3rd semester game project is in collaboration with DADIU, the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment.

We also organize game jams in collaboration with the local industry, including the 2019 and 2020 Nordic Game Jam. 

Why study Visual Game and Media Design at KADK in Copenhagen?

KADK is a leading academy in Scandinavia in the fields of architecture, design and conservation. It is located centrally in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a hub for video game development, with a vibrant English-language game development community, and home to both small and large companies such as Sybo games, IO Interactive and Unity3D.