Job and Employment

Graduates may work independently or as employees in design and architectural agencies or as designers in the communication department of a major company or organization. Graduates will also be qualified to apply their skills in areas outside of traditional design and architectural realms, and take on leadership roles in user research, concept development and strategy. 

Typical work areas

• Grapich design
• Information design
• UX design
• Digital design
• Branding and marketing
• Visualisation
• Visual identity
• Type design
• Spatial graphics and exhibition design
• Wayfinding
• Co-design 

Earning a PhD
You may also consider applying to the three-year PhD programme offered at KADK, which is a world-class doctoral programme. You will have the choice of either a traditional PhD programme or an Industrial PhD, where you are employed by a company. PhD candidates graduating in the field of graphic communication design typically specialize in visual perception, user behaviour in spatial settings, design history or type design.