Master’s Programme


’On Time’ - Graduate 2016, Marie Attrup Scheel.
’Dronninggård’ - Graduate 2017, Nicola Lykke Gliese.
‘Råstofruten’ is a project that focuses on and emphasizes the manmade landscapes of Bornholm - A journey through Bornholm's post-industrial landscapes. Graduate 2016, Jennifer Ashley Dyke.
’Et sandflugtslandskab’ Graduate 2016, Nicoline Heather Madsen.

Short about Landscape

'Landscape' is a programme that educates architects specialising in landscape architecture who:

  • Can identify, analyse and develop professional landscape strategies and specific solutions for landscapes, towns/cities and built-up areas.
  • Wish to work in a field that incoprporates nature, people and society.
  • Have an artistic and professional ambition to combine natural processes with hard-core technology to create sensory, spatial entities – anywhere and on every conceivable scale.

The programme is rooted in knowledge, methods and experience from research, artistic development activities and practice and focuses on issues related to the profession of landscape architecture.