Master’s Programme

Spatial Design

Jan Szkarlat and Rasmus Pikk: Workhome 1:50 model section
Jan Szkarlat Rasmus Pikk: Workhome, stage
Malene Francesca: Model Workshop Unit
Nick Shurey: Hammershøj project process
Sandra Sarkunaite: Hortus Conclusus
Susanne Boreham: Reading Room

Short about the programme

Spatial Design focuses on the relationship between architecture, design and man with the interior as a point of departure. 

An architect or a designer from Spatial Design works with spatial organisation and all its human implications. The more rapidly organisations, patterns of living and local traditions are disrupted, the more awareness is needed.

It is crucial to know how people actually live and to understand the societal agendas and the historical background behind the change of spaces, and it is fundamental to see the interior organisation and design in relation to the architecture, the city, the landscape, and society at large. Spatial Design
is a new and growing field that investigates the mutual relations between physical and social spaces, including Spatial Organisation, Interior Design and Microarchitecture. Students work with architectural projects on a human scale that relate to subjects of relevance to society and social issues.

Graduation projects