Bachelor’s Programme

Taking Place

Plaster models, first year, Autumn 2017
Piranesi studies - study group, Autumn 2017
Studytour to Iran for 130 students and teachers, Autumn 2017
Model cast in 3D printed mold. BA exam model, Spring 2018
Third year students hand in their individual programs for the BA assignment, Autumn 2017
Model of cemetary, first year, Autumn 2017

About Taking Place

In the programme 'Taking Place' we investigate architecture as culture. We are interested in towns and cities, buildings and spaces as entities that are cultivated and rooted in a common cultural heritage. We set assignments that call for a strong understanding of contexts and an awareness of sites. Our priority is architecture as an art form. We encourage students to combine analytical, critical thinking, an understanding of tectonics and artistic production.

We have a generous, inspirational academic culture with active students who take responsibility for the community.

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