Bachelor’s Programme

Textile Design

Short about Textile Design

The Bachelor’s programme in Textile Design aims to qualify students to tackle professional, textile-related design issues in the fields of clothing, interiors and architectural contexts. The education equips students to work as textile designers at a basic professional level or to continue their specialisation on a graduate programme.

The focal point of the programme is the interconnection between Human Being, Form, Function, Material and Technology.

The textile profession is in a state of development and covers a wide range of tasks, in which colour, tactility and pattern formation are part of the formative element. Teaching in the Bachelor programme covers fundamental professional skills and knowledge of the subject’s historical background and current position. Teaching on the programme is closely associated with Texlab, which is the core and knowledge centre of the course. The course covers the artistic, practical and theoretical basis of the textile profession and develops a common understanding of the subject area’s concepts, methods and processes.