Study projects

Below is a list of examples of projects carried out by design and architecture students enrolled in Type & Wayfinding.

The inherent system in type design
Based on a specific design by the legendary sign painter Leo Lund (1919-1970), the students digitize the existing lettering in the sign and offer a proposal for the design of the remaining letters and figures.

Student of architecture Camilla Stig (2014)
Student of architecture Linda Poulsen (2014)

Carving Roman capitals in marble

Based on calligraphy exercises, the students carved selected letters in marble.

Student of architecture Michaela Pihl (2014)

Wayfinding for tourists in Copenhagen

The assignment required the students to design a system of signs or other forms of logical and comprehensible guidance to slow-moving out-of-town visitors. The proposal should describe a concept for a wayfinding system based on signs or other markers in the urban landscape, potentially interacting with maps positioned around the city, printed on paper or digitally presented.

Student of architecture Linda Poulsen (2014).
Design student Mads-Emil Luplau Schmidt (2014).
Student of architecture Michaela Pihl and Camilla Stig (2014)
Student of architecture Finn Wergel Dahlgren

Type history
Based on a given topic from type and typography history, the students discuss relevant literature and research in a written report. Subsequently, the report forms the basis of an engaging exhibition design. The setting for the imagined exhibitions is the space that connects the lobby of Designmuseum Danmark with the museum café.