Across 5 Powers of 10 - Designing with the Pointcloud

Anders Per-Kristian Hansson
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Computation in Architecture

The project sets out as a long-term maintenance strategy for a piece of wetland forest in central Scania, Sweden.  

The focal-point moves across magnitudes in the realm of definition, accuracy and scale. Through the eye-view of a 3D laser scanner,(LiDAR), within the range of kilometer - millimeter.

Moving towards a hybridity of the actual and the provided virtual data, (pointcloud), we search and retrieve specificity, rather than calculate and manufacture equality. Forestry-actions is evaluated by it's cause-consequence relations, and the material resource obtained. 

This project seek to further the role of 3D laser scanning as a tool for architectural speculation through it's renewed understandings of complexities of context, form, behaviour, volume and material resource.