Chittagonia: The Political Theme Park

Kwan Yeung Siu
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Political Architecture: Critical Sustainability

Theme park is an enclosed space that contains simultaneously the utilitarian and the symbolic. Theme parks have been wrongly seen as superficial forms of culture with inconsequential space. In fact, the surface-level expressions provide un-mediated access to the fundamental substance of the thing. The project shall serve as miniatures, a laboratory and an incubator of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

The site chosen, includes iconic artefacts of Zia Memorial Museum and the Radisson Blu Hotel, the tallest building in the city, exhibit qualities of a theme park and inherit the function of inspecting and contemplating the city. The project is a polemic towards the closure of the existing theme park as well as subversively delivering reflections towards Chittagong and autonomy of individuals. 

Confrontations in the theme park is exaggerated and curated by introducing new artefacts to maximise conflicts, on the other hand framing thematic landscape by walls and regulating by institutional rules and temporal events. On top of the framing walls, elevated walkways are designed to lift the audience from the ground to inspect the curated confrontations, creating a critical distance to inspect and contemplate. 

At spots with vigorous reflections, composite laboratories are designed for strata of reflection and innovation to meet. Reflective thoughts are brought back to experiment  on the ground. The project is envisioned as a stepping stone to an autonomous Chittagong, with political implications provoking Chittaongian to reflect on artefact strongholds.

Section of Theme Park
Plan of Elevated (Reflection)
Plan of Ground (Confrontation)
Strata of Activity