Codesign with youth in Kosovo

Maria Søbroe
Education degree
School of Design

“Codesign with youth in Kosovo” is a 4 month long collaboration between three students from the Codesign Master programme in Copenhagen (Maria Søbroe, Rasmus Michaelis and Toke Frello), 14 students from the University of Pristina (UP) and staff from United Nation (UN) agencies in Kosovo: United Nations Kosovo Team (UNKT), United Nations Volunteers (UNV) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). 

The project is centered around three week-long visits to Kosovo. Codesign students, UN staff and the students from UP have done collaborative design research activities like explorative city walks, workshops and filmmaking aimed at researching challenges and aspirations in the everyday of young Kosovars in the cities of Pristina and Gjilan. 

From this outset we have worked together towards new ways and venues for young Kosovars to gather and discuss matters of concern. We have prototyped a temporary cinema in Gjilan as a way of addressing this. The final delivery for UN is an overview and detailed description of the project's activities and events, that argues and communicates the value for UN in working with local youth through codesign methods. The delivery contains three overall recommendations for UN to work with codesign in a large scale UN program, The Joint Youth Program. The activities are described in 9 cards, called 'zooms', which dive into the methods and why the methods are valuable to work with. Furthermore, we've gathered 27 small stories of youth engagements in Kosovo, that can inspire and associate new ways to look at the iniatives and activities that young Kosovars engage in. 5 of the engagements are created as small micro-documentaries.

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When researching youth engagement in Kosovo, we created and promoted an event to talk about, what is youth engagement in Kosovo?
The local students in Kosovo helped promote, plan and host the event, A dialogue cinema, in the city of Gjilan, Kosovo
UN staff and local students in Kosovo shared undertstandings at a common workshop in Kosovo about places of engagements.
At the workshop we had created dialogue tools to talk about places of concerns and aspirations for local youth.
Throughout the project the local students and UN staff participated in the collaborative designproces.
Local UNKT representative, Shpend and students, Trina, are working at the last workshop in highlighting keypoints.
Throughout the project we visited three different cities in our quest for researching youth engagement in Kosovo.
We created a dialogue cinema concerning the question, what is youth engagement in Kosovo with five films to inspire the dialogue
From the dialogue cinema we received more than 24 stories of youth engagements, e.g. football matches, a youth conference.