Cricket team "White Olives"

Trine Benneballe Bennicke
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Fashion, Clothing & Textiles

My Masterproject 2015 is created within the world of cricket. The inspiration comes from british cricket and street cricket. Together these two elements creates a universe of shapes, colours and textile surfaces.

Originally I am educated as a fashion designer, but my passion and strength is all about textile elements like for instance digitalprint.

In this project I wanted to combine different textile techniques like print, quilt and weave. I worked paralell with techniques, shapes and colours which has created a very intuitive and organic process. 

The result has become a sporty and ellegant collection, consisting of 8 outfits for Spring Summer 2016. Colours are carefully put together and exclusive materials like silk and organic cotton are highly prioritized. The textile techniques creates a very playfull and luxurious look - like the two handweaved jackets. Digitalprint appears on a great deal of the garments and shows a consistency in the collection. 

Team "White Olives" playing for a united world

Spring Summer 2016 // Kollektion 

Design: Trine Bennicke
Hatte: Mathilde Førster & Trine Bennicke 
Foto: Mikkel Laumann
Make up og hår: Cecilie Fleur
Model: Nanna Maria Kaulberg - Le Management
Model: Louise Wedel - Le Management
Model: Nadia Wilches - Diva Models