Digital dissemination in the conservation profession. An analysis of existing websites relating to conservation and suggestions for the development and improvement of the processes of dissemination

Karen Woer
Education degree
School of Conservation
Study programme
Cross-disciplinary master programme

The dissertation has two overall purposes; the first is an analysis of the existing dissemination of the field of Conservation, in particular that of professional topics rather than that of branding.

The analysis is of a descriptive nature, investigating 58 websites about conservation, with the aim of answering what conservators disseminate, why, how and for whom. As there is no prior analysis this is a considerable contribution towards the knowledge of conservators’ dissemination and will hopefully increase the focus in the field. The analysis shows that generally the conservators are very conservative in their methods, both with regards to branding of the workshop and the dissemination of professional topics.

The dissertation is focused on the methods of dissemination used by the museums, where concepts such as democratization, user engagement and accessibility are prominent and where an interest in materiality is on the increase. On this basis it suggests how conservators may develop their methods of dissemination in order to reach a broader target audience.