Stina Eldsten
Education degree
School of Design
Study programme
Textile Design

My graduation project is a textile portrait of my mother’s four aunts. Four ladies who lived and worked together throughout the 1900s, always elegant and highly professional in their work as seamstresses. They also had a career within the theatre, making costumes for the stage and a history as stage performers, dancing as chorus girls in the 1930’s. I got to know them trough their photo albums and all the stories I heard as a child but they will always remain a mystery to me. My fascination for them and my interpretation of their story became a collection of textiles for fashion. 

"The smoke from their cigarettes lay heavy and mixed with their perfume, creating that special scent so significantly theirs. Their hair in perfect waves and the sound of their stockings and high heels as they moved around the apartment they all shared. They wore each a silver brooch, formed as a four leaf clover. One leaf for each one of the sisters."