Fluctuating Spatiality

Stine Bundgaard Larsen
Education degree
School of Architecture
Study programme
Architecture and Extreme Environments

A reinterpretation of an existing market space located in the city of Manaus, Brazil, investigating the relationship between the city and the seasonal conditions in the area, and introducing leisure activities, focusing on the acts of samba.

Plan of the market space with three main piers with market stalls, and canals in between allowing the boats to dock and unload
Section, morning, viewed from the river. The water level is on its maximum and the floating elements are in level with the city.
Section, afternoon. The stairs continuing the descend from the park to the river, invites for people to hang out
Section, evening. The roof is rotated with bleachers on the one side, which invites spectators to take part in the carnival
During the day, the rack system is lowered in order to hang up and take down the fruits and vegetables
When the market closes down, the rack system still with the fruits hanging, can be raised
When the rack system is raised, the floor is free and can be used for dance performances and parties, with the fruit above you
Flexible walls can be attached in order to divide the space and allow for different activities at the same time
Current situation; the market blocks the city access to the river, and a large road blocks access further
Current situation; when the water level is low, the access from the river is challenged by a 10 meter high wall
Current situation; when the water level is high, the access from the river is easier, but the road is still blocking
Current situation; occasional flooding in most of the market hall causes the vendors to relocate their stalls out on the road
Gutters integrated in the roof lead the water to the underground tanks, where the water can be used for cleaning of the market
If the water tanks are filled, the outer gutters lead the water out in the river as cascades along the piers

The fluctuating water level in the river either covers or reveals steps and platforms in between the piers

Water level: 18
Water level: 20
Water level: 22
Water level: 24
Water level: 26
Water level: 28
Water level: 30
Aerial plan, the dashed line indicate the road that is both for delivery of goods, and for the samba parades

Flutuating spatiality presentation